Butt Lift Workout

Recently, I’ve been hearing about butt lift workouts everywhere — on blogs and websites, on TV, and even on newspapers. So I decided to look into it — our butt could use a little lift from time to time, right?

Here’s one butt lift workout that I found on YouTube that looks interesting and pretty tough at the same time. Anyone tried this before?

Tweety Who?

Hello there! I’m Tweety and welcome to my new blog.

This blog is my new year’s resolution. And by that, I mean that I promised to myself that I’ll start writing about my online and offline adventures.

I’m into a lot of different things. I like crossword puzzles, dabble in photography, I run (mostly for charitable and fund raising) events, and I bike (again, mostly for fund raisers).

I haven’t completed organizing the contents of this site, but I will get to it lickety split. So I invite you to check back again soon for more of me.